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Mk2 PV Router Shop

As a manufacturer of Electrical Equipment, certain responsibilities are placed on me under the Low Voltage Directive. This includes the need for CE marking and the associated infrastructure. Until these measures are put into place, I am not able to offer Mk2 Router equipment for sale in a pre-built form.

My kit-based systems are not affected by this Directive. If any customer of mine requires practical assistance with completing the assembly process or modifying the software for their particular needs, I will be pleased to offer my services.

Items are available for purchase as listed below. For orders up to 2 kg in weight, the total charge for postage is that of the highest listed item. So the postal charge for three bare PCBs would be £1. The weight of a complete system is 1.2 kg.

To order, please send an email with your requirements to: 

I will reply to confirm price and delivery, and provide details of payment options. Payment can be by bank transfer, cheque or Paypal.  My returns policy is at the bottom of this page.

NB. A suitable programming environment will need to be provided by the user. Guidance about how to set up such a facility is available at:
I can supply a programmer board & cable for £10. These items are bought by me from the Open Energy Monitor shop and tested to ensure correct operation.

Demonstration units are available which allow the operation of a Mk2 PV Router system to be assessed at any location. These units can be borrowed for the cost of the postage. The user can then gain confidence that an assembled Mk2 Router kit will indeed work as intended in their particular situation.

I am always happy to discuss non-standard systems, either single-phase or 3-phase. The Mk2 PV Router can also be used with other sources of generation such as wind turbines or hydro-electric power. For general enquiries, please use the email address: 

UK postage
main board (1-phase):
PCB only (Rev 2.1a, with routed corners)61
kit of parts, for display only (PCB @ Rev 2.1a) 304
kit of parts, for RF only (PCB @ Rev 2.1a) 404
kit of parts, for RF and display (PCB @ Rev2.1a)454
main board (3-phase)
PCB only (3-phase, Rev 2)81
kit of parts (3-phase without RF, PCB @ Rev2)504
kit of parts (3-phase with RF, PCB @ Rev2)604
output board:
PCB only (latest version)41
kit of parts (includes triac, but not heatsink)122
display assembly:
PCB only (latest version)21
kit of parts (includes ribbon cable)82
Misc items:
ABS enclosure, Schneider Elec., NSYTBS19168204
heatsink, drilled, with nuts & screws to fit (x3)104
transformer, dual 6V (JPR Electrical, 835-401)54
clip-on style CT (YHDC SCT-013-000)82
bobbin-style CT (YHDC TA17L-04)62
SMA cable *52
Misc. hardware pack **204
Complete systems, 1-phase:
kit-form, basic 805
kit-form, with display only865
kit-form, with RF only905
kit-form, with display & RF965
(Installation Guide for complete systems)

Important Note For Complete Systems:

"Complete systems" do not include any CTs. For a Mk2 Router to detect surplus power, a clip-on style CT is required. For the amount of diverted energy to be monitored for display or datalogging via RF, an additional CT is required which can be of either style.  Please remember to include these extra items if required.  For a "with RF" system, an SMA cable may also be useful.

* The SMA Cable is a 30cm co-ax extension cable with a bulkhead fitting so that an SMA aerial (male, not supplied) can be connected to the outside of the enclosure rather than to the main board.
A simple aerial can be fashioned from the SMA cable by removing the bulkhead connector and stripping back the appropriate amount of outer screen. The inner core is supported by a white protective sheath so will stand vertically if required. It can also be taped to the inner wall of the enclosure like this, or held just behind the front cover like this. Aerial lengths can be found here.

** The Misc Hardware Pack may be of use for a Router system that is based on different hardware, e.g. Arduino Uno or emonTx. It includes:

Remote Units:

The hardware for an RF-controlled remote unit is virtually identical to the equivalent base unit, so the same pricing structure applies. The remote unit can support three LEDs which show the status of the RF link and the load itself. Guidance for installing these indicators can be found in the sketch.

For a cable-controlled system, I can supply a remote unit in kit form for £50. This comprises the standard output stage, earthed heatsink and connector strip to be mounted in a slightly smaller enclosure from Schneider Electric. A manual override switch (illuminated) and an LED to show the on/off state of load are included. Assembly guidance will be provided. Here is a "wired" remote unit in its assembled state.


Everything that you see on this website has been built and assembled by me. I trust you approve of the standard that I work to. Here are four pre-built systems that are nearly complete, and here are two kit-based systems which are about to be dispatched.


If anything that I have supplied is not to your liking, I will be happy to refund its full value excluding postage. Simply return the item(s) in a good state and send me an email with the details. 

Please note that kits can only be returned in their complete state. If you only require part of a kit, please ask about this before purchasing.

Faulty items:

Electrical and mechanical components are supplied on the basis that they will work as intended. Certain electrical components are tested before dispatch (i.e. transformers, displays, any assembled cables etc.). If any component is found to be faulty, I will send out a replacement item on request.