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Customer Feedback

Here are some of the comments that I've received since starting my business in March 2014:

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Many thanks for taking the time to talk to me, it has confirmed that the combination of a good idea, a well executed project and a friendly back up is the way forward.
PH, Wilts

I purchased mk2 kit from you earlier this year and I am absolutely chuffed to bits.. Not once have I had to reset and through out this period has kept my heat store into the 70 degrees.
CC, Notts

The PV router arrived safely and soundly yesterday, which makes it just over a week - very good service from the British Mail there. Excellent job on the packing. Everything was snug and nothing rattled its way loose during the journey. I'm delighted with the build quality - it's even better than the pictures on your website and everything is very clear and easy to follow.
JW, New Zealand

I want to congratulate you for your kit high quality, I built the Mk2 easily, it is now wired to my home electrical system since last Sunday and running fine.
DD, France

Thanks for all your help so far, now going to rig it up with real pv. This has been an interesting journey, the construction side was fairly straightforward and enjoyable, but the world of Arduino was a steep learning curve, like all things its easier when you know how but its the challenge that makes it worth while and keeps the neural network firing!
ML, Gwynedd

Thank you for your assistance during the build, I am very satisfied with the outcome.
KR, New Zealand

I’m a trained electronics engineer but had an RTA leaving me with no use of one arm so precision soldering is an issue. Robin built two systems to my own specification and both are in use and run seamlessly charging a 24v battery bank. I followed Robins project from the early days and the introduction of wireless control is perfect for my application.
LF, Leics

Thanks for all the help! I am embarrassed to say that it is now working 100%. I missed the link on IC4 altogether. I actually woke up in the middle of the night with the thought that maybe I had missed a resistor or something! That was about the time that you typed your last email - so maybe it was telepathy!
CG, South Africa

I have had your PV router for several months and I am very, very happy with it.
PH, Wilts

I’ve now had my system up and running since 18th March 2014. During this time I have diverted 1565KWh to heat my hot water. I have a 3.3KW solar PV system and also have a gas boiler. Savings over the 6.5 months since install, compared to gas prices, has been £52 or 29.4% of cost of the mk2 pv system. Been very pleased with both the system and the ROI. [6th October 2014]
TE, Cornwall

Your v4a sketch is working like a charm and the wireless data is being received by a JeeLink on my laptop every 5 seconds. The temperature display is just what I hoped for.
NH, Cyprus

Just e-mailing to say thanks for a great kit, me and my 12yr old boy had much fun putting it together (kept him away from 240v). Instructions were easy to follow, supply/packaging are professional and a credit to you. Will defiantly recommend to others.
IS, Norfolk

Your construction is very neat and well laid out. I am very pleased with the product. The Schneider Electrical Box gives it a professional touch and the display is professionally finished. Your packing was first class and there was no damage. 
GC, New Zealand

Even in the dark days of winter the system has managed to divert quite a few KWh. By my calculations the payback for the year has been 43%.
TE, Cornwall
NB. This was for a pre-built system with a display and RF. For a "basic" pre-built system, which would have diverted the same amount of surplus energy, the ROI would have been 52%.

Just a quick email to say thank you very much for your hospitality and sorting the router kit last sunday, especially when not feeling well. The assembled unit is working perfectly, producing lots of free hot water, diverting a lot more spare power than I even expected. Great design and thanks for taking the extra time to give me assembly advice.
PW, Cheshire

Thanks very much for your speedy and interactive service Robin, it was a pleasure doing business with you.
TC, Somerset

Another PV Router success and a tribute to the versatility of your design. Many thanks for having produced it and made it available to everyone.
BT, Shropshire

I love the way the LED flashes so you have a quick view of the power state. Many thanks for your help. Great service and support.
RB, Coventry

The router arrived yesterday and the installation was straight forward. Yesterday was sunny so the unit started working as soon as it was powered up. Thank you, the build quaility is superb.
MW, Conwy

I just bought the PCB and build it myself. The result and the performance of the Mk2 is astonishing!
RvD, Denmark

There is only one thing to say about your code - Mk2_RFdatalog_4.ino (and PCB). EXCELLENT!!
AB, Hampshire

I have both a single phase and a 3 phase hydro system. In addition to a mk2 on the single phase I have been using 3 seperate mk2`s to divert power on the 3phase. These have now been replaced by the mk2 3 phase version which has the advantage of utilising spare capacity on any underused phase to balance consumption on another phase - will be a significant saving. Unlike a solar system the hydro generates 24/7 so these mk2 units have been diverting 3 or more Kw each for several thousand hours.
BF, Carmarthenshire

It has been some time since I received your kit. Just a quick note to let you know that today was my first day with it installed and in service. Your kit was a pleasure to put together.
SC, New Zealand

Your unit is still working perfectly – now two wind turbines running with solar panels and it compensates perfectly.
PS, Ireland

Thank you again for a great piece of work and super service. Even though I have built mine I will still be monitoring your site to see what's new.
DT, Gloucestershire

It is running beautiful out of the Box.
KH, Germany

We are sat in the sun room just discussing the hands on approach and excellent communication skills you have. Its been an absolute pleasure dealing with you.
DB, Teeside

The Mk2 PV router kit that I purchased from you has been up and running for about 3 weeks and has diverted 30KwH so far.
IR, Aberdeen

I have to commend you on your kit and instructions, well packed, quick delivery, every part labelled and very good instructions, very impressed (and it takes a lot to impress me nowadays).
MC, Cheshire

I'm really impressed with how you put it all together, right down to the packing! Absolutely fantastic!
NW, Oxfordshire

My roof is within 10 degrees of North which is lucky. It is a bit too flat for most of the year (15 deg from horizontal) but good enough. I think the biggest asset is our sunny weather and the PVrouter.
SC, New Zealand

Have received the goods I ordered thanks, I would in the future use your shop again and have no problems recommending you to anyone requiring your services.
DH, Tamworth

The bits arrived today and its all now working. Thank you very much for help with this I really appreciate it.
DG, London

Hi Robin, just a quick note to let you know my pv router arrived. I'm very impressed with the quality of the kit! Felt better than unboxing a new computer :-)
MJ, NSW Australia

The router has been running faultlessly for 10 weeks now and has become an accepted part of our furniture. We are really happy to have the divert facility and really pleased with your implementation. Thank you!
DW, West Sussex

Thanks for your kit and help. The unit is working splendidly.
TD, Dorset

Thanks again for all your efforts in getting this project onto a professional style platform with detailed documentation as well.
IL, Brisbane, Australia

I'm presuming the CE-marking is to enable ready built units to be sold. I wish you every success with this, as not everyone is able to build units up from parts. I do know it is one of the best pieces of kit I've built, and the most financially rewarding. Enabling a Solar PV system to not only save on Electricity import, but to reduce Gas consumption.
JP, Lincolnshire

My PV Router has been working flawlessly and I couldn't be happier with it. The proof of the pudding was when I got my last power bill showing I had used zero power from the grid to heat my hot water tank.
SS, NSW Australia

I’d express my gratitude to Robin for his support during the assembling, start-up and aftercare stages. A high quality kit, with detailed assembling info, that’s makes possible a straightforward success. A superb project recommendable to anyone with a little knowledge of soldering!
MP, Spain

The following comment relates to the original version of the Mk2 PV Router, as posted on the Open Energy Monitor forum:
I built one of the original Arduino based solar router systems back in 2012 and have been delighted with it – it worked from power on and has been running ever since.
RH, Lincoln

I have been extremely pleased with the MK2, it’s worked flawlessly for 4 years now. It’s a great bit of kit.
MP, Norfolk

The Mk2 Router is still functioning perfectly, with no hiccups in over 19 months use, with our wind turbine.
TL, Aberdeenshire

I am the happy user of your mk2pvrouter which works very well. Currently, i use it with 2 loads.
AG, France

Here is my first test of the your kit and it works very good. I am happy of the result.
AS, France

As I can't go to work and have to stay home because of the covid-19, I have time to work on the diverter. It is in use since a few days and it seems to work well. No difficulties for me to assemble it.
FG, France

Here, the weather is like wonderful, a lot of sun but unfortunately very cold.
Your router is just working all the day long :D Very cool !
FM, France

I don't give no more news about the PV router since few week because I has'nt PV + inverter. I built the PV Router before install PV. I just finished to install them on my roof, with the inverter, so I can check / test le PV router, and all works fine !! Thank you very much for your help, and your product. I'm very happy.
CL, France

I’m really pleased with the router and it has been super-reliable - even considering my ham-fisted extensions to it. One of the most rewarding things is how it has educated and focussed me to appreciate the finer points of self-consumption. Thank you!
DW, West Sussex

The router, it works impeccable. Thank you again for this beautiful material.
CG, France

today I installed the router and everything works perfectly,
despite the little sun the router worked and saved 305wh I'm really happy!
ML, France

Would like to give feedback after 6+yrs of use of the mk2 PV router, it has worked faultless for all this time- very infrequently requires a reboot(simple switch off/on), only physical fault occurred a month ago- the display started playing up, simple fix of un plugging ribbon cable and plugging it back in. All in all most recommended
IS, Norfolk

Just like to thank you for this kit and all the r&d to get it to this stage. Quality components throughout i appreciate these. I am running the fast sketch and seems to be working well after all the calibrations completed.
JM, Australia

I built one of your systems for a friend almost 5 years ago and it continues to work brilliantly providing oodles of really hot water on sunny and even not so sunny days, so thank you again for the work you put into designing, preparing and shipping the kit. I don’t think it has ever had to be rebooted – really impressive!
NW, Oxfordshire

I just downloaded the latest version of the program.
I wanted to thank you for your work! 1 year now that my installation works without problem in France..
JR, France